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Risk Assessment

What is a risk assessment? This is a procedure used to identify hazards and risks in the workplace. The assessment also identifies those risks that are significant, who is at risk and how to control reduce the risk. What is a hazard? this is anything that has the potential to cause harm, loss or damage What […]

poor posture

Are you sitting safely?

Often when we’re at work, we’re thinking about how to prioritise and respond to each of the ten emails that just landed in our inbox in the last ten minutes. Once these have been dealt with, we will probably start thinking about how to fit all of this work around the meetings we have scheduled […]

Great Advice Saves You Money

Sometimes when budgets tighten, businesses will look to save money by reducing the consultancy services that they outsource to experts. Treating your health and safety advice in this way will actually end up costing you more money over the long-term. An experienced health and safety risk assessor will be able to save you an enormous […]