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Arrelle provides a complete range of Safety, Health and Environment services to the construction, building and engineering sectors.










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The unexpected can come in a number of forms.

  • Michelle’s ladder could give way just as she’s climbing off the roof she’s been working on.
  • One of the chairs in David’s restaurant could catch fire if it is placed next to a heat source.
  • Your valued Client, Andy falls over a cable left on the floor of your office and suffers injury.

Accidents such as these could cost your business hundreds of thousands of pounds annually to fix and send your insurance bills skyrocketing plus any fines or claims that may arise. Here are just a few of the health and safety consultancy services we offer to save you all that money and stress.

Risk Assessments – Our bespoke risk assessments help you to identify potential risks and hazards around your business. As soon as any risks have been identified by our highly experienced risk assessors, we’ll work with you to find easy solutions to these risks.

These solutions could be as simple as using different equipment or moving furniture around. Alternatively, they might be more complex. Whatever solutions you require, our risk assessors will tailor their advice to save your business from health and safety headaches.

Business Recovery Plans – Your business needs to transport 8 cubic yards of concrete across the Midlands every day to make a profit.

Heavy snow is preventing you from getting your trucks on the road. How would you get your concrete from A to B on time? One of our bespoke Business Recovery Plans will give you the answer. Our Plans will help your business to continue to thrive, should the worst happen.

Rescue Plans – Your workers are just putting the finishing touches on one of the biggest apartment complexes in the country. Then disaster strikes.

The cherry picker breaks down while Gaz is still working on the 53rd floor. How will you get him down? How will you make up for the time lost while your team tries to resolve the problem?

Our bespoke Rescue Plans help you to mitigate the risks posed by working at height so that through careful management, potentially dire health and safety disasters are reduced to inexpensive inconveniences.

Training – Our courses will train your team so that they can prevent accidents from occurring and ensure that they’re always compliant with the latest HSE legislation. That way they can spot small issues and act immediately to stop them from escalating into costly health and safety crises.

Sorting Your Paperwork – Far too many businesses lose customers because they didn’t get their paperwork in on time and therefore received low ratings in health and safety inspections.

We’ll help you to get all of your forms submitted on time (possibly in a bespoke presentation folder to set you apart) – so that admin errors don’t cost your company dear.

Arrelle provides a complete range of HSE (Health and Safety and Environmental) services.

We could list all of our accreditations here, but we thought that you probably had more interesting things to read than all of the letters after our team members’ names. As you’ve probably noticed, this page is full of questions followed by suggested solutions. That’s because we ask our clients questions about all of the HSE issues they’re facing and then provide them with the bespoke, effective solutions that they require.

We preserve your people while protecting your profits.