Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

What is a risk assessment?

This is a procedure used to identify hazards and risks in the workplace. The assessment also identifies those risks that are significant, who is at risk and how to control reduce the risk.

What is a hazard? this is anything that has the potential to cause harm, loss or damage

What is a risk? this is the likelihood of a hazard being realised

Why do we Assess Risk?

There are a number of reasons why we risk assess:

  • it is a legal requirement (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, regulation 3)
  • being able to identify hazards and risks will help reduce the level of accidents
  • it can improve quality of the workplace and the working conditions
  • by providing a safer working environment can help improve moral
  • they can be used in the allocation of resources, both in the control of a hazard or in the prevention of the risks involved with a particular hazard
  • it is good management practice to take all practicable steps to prevent accidents or loss in the workplace.

Failure of assessing the risk means:

  • non compliance with the law resulting in fines, imprisonment and adverse publicity
  • claims and compensation resulting from injury or even death
  • the cost of accidents are expensive due to the loss of trained and competent staff and the costs associated with implementing corrective measures

Risk Assessment is not a complicate process, it is more about common sense and your knowledge of the tasks and workplace.

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